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Your human capital is the single most crucial resource to help you achieve your goals and purpose. HR Management is not just about hiring and firing but involves many more sensitive aspects that are both time consuming and costly if mismanaged. HR Management today has evolved from just another cost centre to a more dynamic and robust function to complement core initiatives and add value to the business. By transferring the management and responsibility of your HR functions to Maslow, you will not only have an expert eye on the job, but you will free up more time to focus on the key strategic initiatives and the overall mission and goals of your organisation.


  • HR Transformation & Make-Over
  • Initial Setup - Turnkey Projects
  • Total HR & Administration Management
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As two-time winners of the Best Leadership Development Consultancy at the HR Vendor of the Year Awards 2018 & 2019, Maslow is poised to take your organisation to greater heights of operational efficiency and management.

HR Outsource Management Solutions



Today’s HR must be agile, business-integrated, data-driven, and deeply skilled in attracting, retaining, and developing not just any talent but the right talent. Effectively, the HR Function should be one that helps predict HR needs, so that the organisation is prepared to meet changing market demands, keeping pace with if not leading industry trends. With Maslow helming your HR function, you can rest assured of a strong foundation, a comprehensive transformation and a knowledge transfer plan in place.

Our consultants will help you develop a HR department that is:
  • Capable of making sound business decisions independently
  • Highly efficient and organised
  • Adaptable to the changing needs of your employees and the industry
  • Capable of adequately planning for the company’s future talent needs



As turnkey projects are usually very complex and involve development, design, production, delivery, and set-up or installation, they require a considerable amount of time and valuable human resources within an organisation. Resources that could, otherwise, be allocated to better use.

With over 22 years of experience in various industries across the globe and over 200 years of combined experience, your project is safe in the hands of Maslow’s highly experienced and professional consultants.

When you outsource your projects to Maslow, our consultants will ensure:
  • The timely delivery of your project
  • At the highest quality standards
  • Within the scope that you requested
  • Within the budget that was provided



When all else fails, why not leave it to the experts!

After many years in the game, Maslow is poised to utilise advanced technologies and processes that help streamline your HR and hiring processes as well as provide you with industry insights on HR policies resulting in a more effective and efficient employee-relations within your organisation.

Our consultants will:
  • Provide you with training and professional development opportunities
  • Manage:
       • Personnel functions
       • Administration of health benefits
       • Retirement plans
       • Employee compensation & insurance
       • Payroll administration
       • Employment taxes
       • Risks


Why your business needs it?

Outsourcing your HR to Maslow will not only reduce the cost of hiring and managing employees internally but save time and increase efficiency because we already have the employees and infrastructure in place to cater to the needs of your organisation. What’s more, we are better able to offer a wider range of benefits while freeing your human resource professionals to focus on more strategic efforts.


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