Talent Management

Talent management commits to hiring, managing, developing, and retaining the most talented and exemplary employees in the industry. This plays an important role in the strategy of your organisation as it manages one of the most important assets of any organisation —its employees.


  • Assessment / Selection
  • Career Path Development
  • High Potential Programmes
  • Leadership Development
  • Manpower Planning
  • Succession Planning
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As two-time winners of the Best Leadership Development Consultancy at the HR Vendor of the Year Awards 2018 & 2019, Maslow is poised to take your organisation to greater heights of operational efficiency and management.

Talent Management Solutions



Organisations today compete fiercely for talent because executives now understand that one of the most important drivers of organisational success is outstanding talent. As such, organisations invest enormous amount of money and time on advertising and recruiting to attract the best candidates. However, they either fail to identify employees within their organisations who can fill the position or do not have adequate assessment criteria when hiring new employees. Therefore, utilising a framework that improves hiring and retains your most valuable employees in a competitive market is essential.

Our consultants will:
  • Provide you with an assessment roadmap for selecting employees that offer the best return on investment for your organisation
  • Help you identify existing and new candidates with high leadership potential
  • Compare employees within your organisation against industry or geographical benchmarks
  • Form assessment criteria that evaluate knowledge, skills, and abilities as well as personality, work preferences, and motivations



As every good employer knows, employees are a company's most important resource. Therefore, designing and implementing goals, plans and strategies that keep your employees happy and engaged while helping them reach their fullest potential is a key to long-term employee management and reducing turnover rates.

Our consultants will identify:
  • Primary career interests
  • Short-term and long-term goals
  • Positive and negative tasks in the current role
  • Additional skills and experience required for career progression
  • Establish progress checkpoints



As the long-term development and success of your organisation lie in the creation, identification, assessment, and cultivation of your top talents, high-potential (Hi-Po) programmes focus on incubating employees that have the potential to succeed in leadership positions by providing them with leadership improvement paths, learning opportunities, and in-depth knowledge.

Our consultants will tailor a programme for your organisation that develops and enhances the capabilities of your high potentials by:
  • Creating talent-fit coaching solutions and mentorships opportunities
  • Providing them with thought-provoking and cutting-edge learning opportunities
  • Encouraging assimilation, sense-making and interdependent thinking
  • Exposing them to alternative perspectives and processes
  • Teaching them valuable manager-employee communication skills
  • Introducing them to technologically advanced management tools



Some people are born to be great leaders but others are made. A common process in succession planning, leadership development aims to produce high-calibre leaders to take over senior positions when they become vacant. But having great leadership skills is not enough for employees to become leaders. Although most organisations think they are effective at developing leaders, the truth is more than half of their employees do not actually meet the organisation’s leadership needs.

Our consultants will help you develop leaders who are:
  • Able to translate the company’s vision into reality
  • Empathetic and active listeners
  • Excellent communicators with the ability to clearly articulate messages, concepts, and complex ideas
  • Able to coach employees so they develop their skills and improve performance
  • Strategic and creative thinkers
  • Reliable, inspirational, and persuasive
  • Flexible and adaptive to a multitude of situations
  • Able to turn information into action
  • Able to encourage open and transparent communication at the workplace



Manpower planning is the process of estimating the optimum number of people required for completing a project, task, or goal on time. It includes parameters like the number of personnel, skills, and time required to successfully complete a project. But often times, organisations fail to adequately forecast if they have the right number of employees and skills or put employees in the right places at the right time to do work that is the most economically useful.

Our consultants will:
  • Analyse your current manpower inventory
  • Make manpower forecasts that help you attain your goals
  • Develop employment programmes
  • Design training programmes for your current employees



Succession planning identifies and develops new leaders who can replace old leaders when the position becomes vacant. It provides experienced and capable employees with career progression opportunities as the roles become available. By keeping talent in the pipeline, you ensure that you will never have a key position open for which another employee is not prepared. At Maslow, we ensure that you reap the benefits of identifying crucial job skills, knowledge, and organisational practices that need to be passed on to prepare the next generation of workers, thereby ensuring the seamless movement of talent within the organisation.

Our consultants will help you:
  • Identify, harvest, archive, and retrieve critical organisational knowledge
  • Identify skill gaps and areas for improvement within your organisation
  • Suggest training programmes that address these skill gaps and areas for improvement


Why your business needs it?

Having a strategic talent management plan gives organisations the opportunity to attract the most talented and skilled employees available. It also creates an employer brand that attracts potential talents who, in turn, contribute to an increase in your organizations’ performance and results. Having a strategic plan to keep your existing employees motivated also gives them more reasons to stay with your organisation and increases the critical skills for highly-specialised roles in your workforce. This way, you will have a continuous flow of employees to fill critical roles, thereby helping operations run smoothly, while avoiding extra workload for others, reducing the cost of training unsuitable employees, and other problems; such as high turnovers and absenteeism.


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