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Creativity, design thinking, and innovation at the workplace have become core competencies in most organisations seeking to put their customers first. Therefore, managers and professionals are not only expected to be creative planners, problem solvers, and decision-makers but innovators of new products, services, and business practices. In our highly rated training programme, we’ll go through the top creative thinking and innovation generation methods created by some of the best specialists in the field and leverage these techniques while reviewing hands-on case studies.

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As two-time winners of the Best Sales Training Provider at the HR Vendor of the Year Awards 2018 & 2019, Maslow is poised to take your organisation to greater heights of teamwork, management, and communication

Light Bulb Moment Solutions


What you will learn?
Our course covers:
  • •  The fundamental principles of creativity
  • •  Split Brain Theory, different types of thinking processes, and their applications
  • •  Design thinking and innovation processes
  • •  How to determine the unmet and latent needs of your customer or market
  • •  The art of prioritising in creativity and innovation
  • •  Creativity and innovation through lateral thinking
  • •  The importance of images, colours, and shapes in creativity and innovation
  • •  Teamwork and brainstorming in creativity and innovation


Why you should learn it?
By the end of the programme, participants will be able to:
  • •  Understand why some people are naturally creative, and how everyone can develop their creative skills
  • •  Gain knowledge of how to use a range of creative thinking methods, tools, and techniques to generate ideas and solve problems
  • •  Apply the methods and tools to generate ideas for improving areas of your own work
  • •  Challenge assumptions, generate alternatives, and change perceptions
  • •  Create a business group or organization that fosters innovation
  • •  Learn how to think differently about business issues and challenges and transform them into practical opportunities
  • •  Learn a structured process for developing, analysing, and implementing new ideas


How will it help you?
  • Enhance creative thinking and problem-solving skills by turning obstacles into opportunities
  • Promote the generation of innovative ideas as well as logical and creative thinking
  • Improve team dynamics and the way that they work together
  • Self-mastery of not allowing yourself to be distracted
  • Master and apply different types of thinking processes


Who is it for?
  • Management Level
    •   • Directors Managing Directors
    •   • Finance Department
    •   • Human Resources Department
    •   • Administrative Department
  • Company Type
    •   • Start-ups
    •   • SMEs
    •   • MNCs
    •   • GLCs


Course Details

Programme Methodology

Training & Coaching


Video Presentations

Small Group Discussions


Exclusive Training Material

Certificate of Competency


8 hours / day

2 days

Total: 16 hours


Online / Virtual Training

On-Site Training

Note: Minimum 15 participants. Maximum 25 participants.


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