Scenario Thinking & Planning

Scenario planning is the practice of creating varying courses of action for a business to implement based on potential events and situations or scenarios. Strategic thinking discovers new and imaginative strategies capable of rewriting the rules of competition while strategic planning executes the strategies developed, through strategic thinking, in a manner that supports the overall business planning process.

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Scenario Thinking & Planning Solutions


What you will learn?
Our course covers:
  • •  Strategic and scenario thinking
  • •  Developing components of a strategic plan through scenario thinking approach
  • •  Advanced brain storming techniques (Strategic Workout)
  • •  Identifying driving forces and critical uncertainties
  • •  Developing a range of plausible scenarios and discussing the implications
  • •  Developing detailed action plans that support your organisation’s strategy
  • •  Managing the execution of strategic plans
  • •  Evaluating and rewarding performance in executing action plans


Why you should learn it?
By the end of the programme, participants will be able to:
  • •  Speed up decision making and implementation
  • •  Identify market trends, disruptors, and customer centricity
  • •  Quickly identify, prioritise, and meet new business initiatives
  • •  Respond more quickly to uncertain conditions
  • •  Identify opportunities that might, otherwise, have been missed if the scenarios were not predicted


How will it help you?
  • Achieve exceptional results for yourself and your team
  • Eliminate non-value-added work and increase performance
  • Streamline and simplify existing processes and executions


Who is it for?
  • Management Level
    •   • Executives & above
    •   • Managers
  • Company Type
    •   • Start-ups
    •   • SMEs
    •   • MNCs
    •   • GLCs


Course Details

Programme Methodology

Training & Coaching


Video Presentations

Small Group Discussions


Exclusive Training Material

Certificate of Competency


8 hours / day

2 days

Total: 16 hours


Online / Virtual Training

On-Site Training

Note: Minimum 15 participants. Maximum 25 participants.


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