Sales Eagle Series: Advanced

Sales Masters are great story tellers because people remember and connect to stories better than sales pitches. Therefore, if you can infuse your sales process with inspirational, persuasive, and memorable anecdotes, you can make a bigger impact on your prospects and steer them towards the decision to buy. At the same time, the sales cycle and customer experience journey doesn’t end after the sale transaction, in fact, it’s just the beginning of another sales transaction, more sales, or referrals. Our Winning in Turbulence (WIT) training programme also explores going through digital channels and what you can do as a salesperson to reach a bigger audience and stay relevant in the market.

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As two-time winners of the Best Sales Training Provider at the HR Vendor of the Year Awards 2018 & 2019, Maslow is poised to take your organisation to greater heights of teamwork, management, and communication

Sales Eagle Series: Advanced Solutions


What you will learn?
Our Sales Eagle Series: Advanced programme covers:
  • •  The five distinct stages of a customer journey funnel
  • •  Master-level story selling techniques
  • •  Scenario planning & sales simulations
  • •  After-Sales selling & customer retention methods
  • •  Digital selling or social selling methods


Why you should learn it?

The Sales Eagle Series: Advanced module is designed to help sales team with what we call a series of Capstone sales simulations. In these simulations, the world that the sales representative lives in is replicated to provide them with an opportunity to utilise the selling skills that they acquired in our Winning in Turbulence (WIT) training programme.

The object of these simulations is to take those newly acquired skills and better apply them while focusing mainly on:
  • 1.  Scenario planning and sales simulation
  • 2.  Storytelling and story selling
  • 3.  After-Sales selling and customer retention>
  • 4.  Digital selling


How will it help you?

Sales representative are often taught the company’s sales methodology and expected to go out into the real world and apply those selling skills. However, sales representatives almost never get the opportunity to apply those techniques practically or see them in action. Therefore, the primary objectives of our Sales Eagle Series: Advanced module is to give sales representative a chance to walkthrough the outlined sales steps in real-world industry-specific simulations.


Who is it for?
  • Sales representatives


Course Details

Programme Methodology

Instructor-Led Classroom Training


Video Presentations

Hands-On Activities

Interactive Two-Way Communication Exercises


Exclusive Training Materials

Certificate of Competency


8 hours / day

2 days

Total: 16 hours


Online / Virtual Training

On-Site Training

Note: Minimum 10 participants. Maximum 20 participants.

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