Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics involves collecting large amounts of data from various sources and integrating this structured and unstructured data with real-time feeds and queries to uncover hidden patterns, correlations, and other valuable insights for the benefit of consumers; such as analysts and organisations.

This presents organisations with significant new opportunities and a competitive advantage derived from their most valuable asset - information. As such, Big Data helps drive efficiency and quality as well as facilitates the development of personalised products and services that further improve customer satisfaction and profit.

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Big Data Analytics Solutions


What you will learn?
Our Big Data Analytics – Data Management and Analytical Skills e-learning programme will introduce you to:
  • •  The domain of Big Data
  • •  The drivers of advanced analytics
  • •  Business understanding
  • •  Data understanding
  • •  Data preparation techniques and tools
  • •  Modelling techniques
  • •  Evaluation techniques
  • •  Data deployment techniques


Why you should learn it?
By the end of the e-learning programme, participants will be able to:
  • •  Communicate effective and impactful data-driven narratives
  • •  Understand the role of data scientists
  • •  Develop analytic project lifecycles designed for particular characteristics
  • •  Understand the challenges behind hypothesis-driven analysis
  • •  Master fundamental statistical techniques in the context of the open-source analytic software environment
  • •  Understand the importance of exploratory data analysis
  • •  Understand key notions of hypothesis development and testing
  • •  Understand a range of advanced analytical methods; such as clustering, classification, regression analysis, time series, and text analysis
  • •  Interpret data into visualisations via data storytelling
  • •  Become active contributors to Big Data analytics projects


How will it help you?
  • Organise spreadsheets and lay the foundation for easier data analysis
  • Use PivotTables and Functions to effectively summarise and augment data
  • Data profiling techniques that save time, energy, and resources
  • Assess data distributions and statistical relationships
  • Simple statistical techniques to examine distributions of different subgroups
  • Examine linear relationships through the Pearson Correlation Coefficient via a combination of scatterplots and Excel formulae
  • Unlock analytics capabilities through expert-level visualisation techniques
  • Learn Power BI essentials to create descriptive analytic charts
  • Basic & strategic charting that help decision-makers digest large quantities of data faster
  • Create spark lines, boxplots, and line graphs for analysis towards decision-making
  • Advanced chart tools to develop a higher level of actionable insight
  • Visualise data as well as design dashboards for different audiences and purposes, exploration, reporting etc
  • Dashboarding that enables an entire team to work with the data and find creative insights


Who is it for?
  • Businesses
  • Data analysts looking to add this skill to their portfolio
  • Database professionals and managers of business intelligence
  • Big Data groups looking to enrich their analytic skills
  • College graduates investigating data science as a career field


Course Details


Programme Methodology

Live training and coaching

Role play & video presentation


Interactive 2-way communication





Certificate of Attendance




8 hours / day

3 days

Total: 24 hours




Online / Virtual Training

via Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Cisco


Note: Minimum 10 participants. Maximum 20 participants.


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