Change Management

By reviewing, rethinking and redesigning your core business processes, Maslow helps your organisation dramatically improve productivity, cycle times, quality, and customer service as well as reduce operating costs for a sustainable competitive advantage.


  • Futuristic Business Roadmap
  • Process Work Study
  • Redefinition of Vision, Mission, Core Values
  • SOP Development
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As two-time winners of the Best Leadership Development Consultancy at the HR Vendor of the Year Awards 2018 & 2019, Maslow is poised to take your organisation to greater heights of operational efficiency and management.

Change Management Solutions



A business without a business roadmap is akin to an eagle that is blindfolded. You may have a great business model, product, or service, but without a business roadmap, your business potential is severely restricted. You cannot share your business vision, or set a clear goal for your team and stakeholders. You will not know which opportunities and priorities to pursue, and you will not be able to convince others to help you succeed. This is particularly true as stakeholders and potential investors need to be assured that you have a vision and a viable plan.

Our consultants will work with you to:
  • Envision your company’s major objectives and strategies
  • Devise a roadmap for each goal
  • Tailor-make a framework of how to achieve each goal
  • Create an outline of the resources that you will require to reach each goal
  • List the tasks that you and your team need to accomplish for each goal
  • Develop a realistic timeline of achieving all your goals



A process map is a graphical representation of your company’s standard operating procedures (SOPs) that can be easily understood by anybody. Viewed in conjunction with the relevant SOP, they provide clear and concise instructions for all processes that are critical to the organisation’s success.

At Maslow, our consultants will work hand-in-hand with your employees (the actual people doing the job!) to develop process maps that improve workflow.

Our team will work with your team to develop easily understandable process maps by:
  • Observing and record workflow.
  • Critically review and examine the collected data
  • Measure the amount of work involved
  • Calculate the minimum amount of time for execution
  • Develop an economical method of execution



Knowing why you are doing what you are doing (your mission), where you are trying to go (your vision), and how you are going to go about it (your values) is the glue that holds an organisation together. These seemingly simple set of principles and statements not only define what sets you apart from your competitors but describes what your organisation stands for and what it aims to become in years to come. This serves to garner support from stakeholders, tells your employees how to behave, and the message that they should get across to your customers.

Our consultants will develop:
  • A vision statement that accurately reflects your organisations future direction
  • A purposeful mission statement that defines what your organisation stands for
  • Five easily memorisable core values that best support your vision and mission



Standard operating procedure (SOP) manuals are long and wordy documents containing detailed instructions for every task. Our SOP development services include end-to-end level mapping of processes and formatting SOPs to your template and organisation’s structure.

At Maslow, our consultants will work hand-in-hand with your employees to develop SOPs that improve overall efficiency and effectiveness while ensuring that the necessary industry standards and requirements are met.

Our team will work with your team to develop incredibly detailed SOPs that:
  • Are thorough and consistent
  • Are industry-compliant
  • Align and streamline workflow within your organisation
  • Are easily accepted and readily followed by your employees


Why your business needs it?

Without a clearly defined action plan, your organisation will be taking one step forward and two steps back for years to come. With a clearly defined roadmap, everyone - from management to shop floor staff - will be on the same page and working towards the same goals. This will not only inspire investor confidence but serve as a unifying factor across your organisation. By involving your employees in the development of your organisation’s process maps and SOPs, they will not only feel valued but are more likely to adhere to work routines that they have proposed themselves. Maslow takes it one step further by ensuring that when you are hiring new employees, you have a clear outline of what skills and knowledge to look for in a candidate.


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